Yard Refit Protocol Management

Yard RPM is a unique and comprehensive solution that combines your Planned Maintenance System (PMS) tasks with other vessel tasks during your next shipyard period. Unlike other solutions, Yard RPM offers a streamlined process for collecting and comparing quotes.

Owners and management are involved and informed every step of the way through customized approval protocols for job cards and any additional variations to the contract that may arise during the period.


Our Refit Protocol Manager was created by Captain Allan Skanderup Nielsen, drawing on his extensive sea-going experience dating back to 1993 and his more recent 18 years as a Captain on various yachts.

Over the past 18 years, we have completed over 15 shipyard projects, developing the Refit Protocol Manager to meet all of the needs of our clients onboard, ashore, and at the shipyards.

Our close collaboration with all parties involved has enabled us to create a superior and unique platform that serves as an effective solution for fleet management and it can also be used as a client portal for both shipping companies and shipyards.

A full package to fill the gap between vessel PMS and management

Streamline protocol tracking with Yard RPM, important information won't be lost on endless e-mails.


Yard RPM is the ideal tool for building shipyard work scopes, allowing for thorough review and internal approvals before submitting the project for tendering.

Our tool simplifies the tendering process and comparison of quotes with a custom-built module.

Crew members can easily add progress notes and pictures to the vessel progress report from their mobile devices, allowing for real-time updates. The report is then automatically generated.

Management Company

Maintain a thorough overview of the vessel's progress in building the work scope for the next shipyard period.

Ensure that the scope is well-written and meets the vessel owner's requirements by utilizing internal approval processes.

Throughout the shipyard period, financial control can be easily monitored for all additional works and general yard services.

Upon completion, a full commissioning process ensures detailed logging of work approvals and outstanding tasks.


Shipyards can either be invited by the vessel to enter the details of their quotes and additional works or implement the Yard RPM platform as a client portal.

The platform contains all the important aspects of managing a shipyard period, including a swift overview of approvals and their status.

The portal can easily be linked to your in-house ERP using the API.


"Yard RPM is one of the latest refit and repair collaborative coordination solutions that we have seen in the market. While we have tried other solutions in the past, I am thoroughly impressed with the features and benefits offered by Yard RPM. This solution stands out among others and has proven to be a game-changer for our technical office.

One of the standout benefits of using Yard RPM is the substantial reduction in approval and invoicing time compared to previous methods. The system is straightforward, with no complications, which has allowed all parties involved to work together efficiently. The solution has also helped to improve communication and collaboration among all stakeholders.

In conclusion, at PTW Shipyard we highly recommend Yard RPM to any organization looking for a refit and repair coordination solution. It has made a significant impact on our technical office.

With its user-friendly interface and powerful features, Yard RPM is is the perfect solution to streamline your workflow process and save you time and money."

Xavier Mercado - CEO / PTW Shipyard

"Yard RPM has developed a unique RFQ platform where owners, managers, and captains can easily invite a selection of yards to quote.

Once the offers are in, Yard RPM has the simplest and most efficient tool to evaluate all offers, and finally present the comparison to the owner and the team".

Yacht Captain

"Yard RPM has made progress reporting an easy process. I do not need hours weekly to generate my weekly reports.

The crew simply adds text and photos to each job card, and I can extract them in an editable Word document, for easy presentation to the owner".

Captain / +100m yacht.